Our Story

Stage4 began in the spring of 2021 around a kitchen table. Best Friends Sherry Petryszyn and Pam Harris had both received a diagnosis of Stage 4 cancer. With a strong desire to give back for the kindnesses they had received, the idea of comfort bags made for newly diagnosed cancer patients was born and the name Stage4 was given to the endeavor. The unique thing about Stage4 is that these comfort bags are created with items for cancer patients by cancer patients. Everyone involved with Stage4 has had cancer touch their lives in some way. From those in treatment, to care givers, to those who care, our goal is to provide comfort to those newly diagnosed and make their journey a little easier.

Stage4 has seen much growth over the last 2 years. We now are supplying on average 50 bags per month to 6 sites in 2 major hospital systems in our area. We feel as though we are able to speak hope into the lives  of the people who receive them as they enter into their cancer treatments. The fact that many of our Stage4 volunteer members have walked through those same treatments makes our bags and the hand written notes inside very personal.  

Our Founders


This is Pam. She and Sherry made a lot of cards together. It was a wonderful diversion from talking about cancer. Pam continues to be a big part of Stage4, and she never ceases to be awed by what God has done in her life. He has turned the awful cancer diagnoses into a wonderful way to touch others in similar circumstances.


This is Sherry. Sherry’s kitchen table was the birthplace of Stage4. Sherry was like a machine when it came to making cards. She enjoyed it very much. Sherry has passed away, but without a doubt, she would love to see how successful Stage4 has been. She is the one that selected the Stage4 logo.


This is Ray. Ray was our mug maker from the very beginning. He imprinted the mugs with "Hang in there Gods got this" and we loved the saying. Ray has passed away, but we think about him every time we write a “Ray said hot tea made him feel better after treatment" tag to tie on the mugs.